If you are just starting out or are an established business we can help you. Unlike other firms, as a Business Consultant I believe our successes speak for themselves. In recent years the internet and marketing your business online has become increasing complex, there are now many steps (best practices) needed to become a searched and visited business on the internet. So if you have the great idea or are already established and just need some help in some areas give us a call.

Our Website Structure is basically setup in a simpler order of starting and maintaining a business so just pick an choose what you need from the drop down menus or just give us a call.

  1. The Business Consultant menu: will outline our general consulting services, product or services businesses and our past successes and examples.

  2. Check out the Branding tab and see if new branding is in order. It never hurts to update or add visual branding.

  3. The Website Development menu: will not only discuss different website designs and solutions but will show those solutions is real time, there is also a sub menu for Online marketplaces and secondary sales solutions like Ebay, Amazon and multi-platform selling…and other marketplaces.

  4. The Marketing menu: will describe Marketing and Digital Marketing programs we offer, from Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, SMO and VM

  5. The Reputation Management menu: Will outline the services and time needed to repair those pesky fake reviews and even real reviews where you may have made some mistakes.

  6. The Tech Tutor menu has 2 options the first is how to hire us so we can teach you one on one the basics of digital marketing with the hopes that you can have an understanding of what has to happen in web development and how to add to the process and to your own success.

    Our second Tutor program is to teach seniors or people who are not tech savvy how to navigate thru a tech enriched world. We hope we can help you bridge the generation gap and tech tech gap and our ultimate goal is to build a Tech Wall around you and to stop Scam Artists from gaining access to you and your technology. Not only will we teach tech but will also teach what you need to know about maybe that helper or family lawyer that is not so helpful but most likely helping themselves to your hard earned life. These programs are designed for those who are hands on and would like to do the actual work and need some best practices tips and knowledge.