LYFT goes public, billionaires and millionaires will be made off the hard work of the underemployed.

And so a decade after the financial collapse the sharing economy startups start going public.

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So you bought into the lie that you were sharing..They took a portion or your life and probably your last possession of value, your car. You put mileage on your commodity, you are the backbone of the company…

But in reality you are the poor giving to the rich. Let that sink in.

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What is truly unbelievable are the fools buying this stock..Let me explain here is a transportation company that uses cars but does not own a single car. They have employees but not a real employee they do not pay any normal corporate operating costs..And they loose billions of dollars! How is that even possible you ask?

Actually when you look at this business model these are the newest scam on earth and now on the stock market. Get ready for the bust, because this new crop of businesses coming out are really just apps.

Here is the best part of this nonsense, this company has lost billions,,LOL how is that even a thing?

Please read this article by the NY Times on the Uber Scam.