2 in a Series: Beware of "The Takers" Your time is Valuable you need to get paid. #takers #chiseler #thief #grifter #getpaid #moneyshaming #cityworkers #stateworkers



You can spot them from a distance if you know what to look for, “The Takers” are all around you all you have to do is open your eyes and ears.

First things first what is a Taker? Well, a taker is someone who doesn’t actually make anything that contributes to a simple business transaction. Meaning here is this thing or service I have, and it costs X would you like to buy it.

Who are the Takers? Takers are all around you and they are your friends they are also in your family. They are typically local, city or state-employed workers. So in effect, the taxes that you pay all THE taxes that you pay goes directly into their pay. That pay is also used for their Salary, Medical, Vacations, Pensions, IRA or 401K and finally their Social Security Trust Fund. And it doesn’t stop there, it also pays for their entire families healthcare. There are even more perks but who has time to list all these items, we are just setting up the person so you can now understand the mindset of a person like this.

How do you spot a Taker? It is very simple to spot takers all you have to do is listen. If you listen closely when you are with a group of peers you will notice if you are talking about the economy, job stability, healthcare, medical insurance, bodily insurance, retirement, the takers remain silent. Their SILENCE is so obvious. Why is that you ask? Well, I’ll tell you why, the takers aren’t going thru what real economy workers are going thru so they have no knowledge or experience to talk about these subjects. And they know that everything they have is coming from all the people around them and that their lives are secure in every way possible, while those around them that are funding their lives are always in a state of flux. Another reason for their silence is they have nothing to add or say because they don’t have regular people problems. Their job is secure, they have healthcare for everyone in their family they get that check, you know they cannot be fired unless they kill someone and even then they can blame on their stressful job LOL…THEY GOT THEIRS!

Other characteristics of the Taker. Some other signs of the Taker, they are always looking for a bargain or a sale, this is something they talk about a lot. They also take advantage of other peoples disadvantages or other peoples misfortunes.

And the number one sign of the taker is….. Drum roll, please……The fact that they can retire in just 20 or 25 years of work and they get a full Pension. Always remember and never forget that they get to live this great life because of your hard work.

How on earth do you respect or work with someone like this? You will most likely will never be able to get along with takers because you are a hard worker (real worker) and are always in a state of flux. You are a mover and shaker you are a maker. As a maker, you actually do things that people want to buy. Takers are workers that you, for the most part, do not want to pay, the takers are paid from your taxes so you have no say over these shady people. And never forget local small governments are usually the most corrupt.

So in closing, why are we talking about these people or these types of people. The reason is as a consultant you will come across them and you should know what you are going to go thru with these types of customers, and you should be able to decide if you want them as customers. Over the years I have had 10’s if not 100’s of pensioners come to me with projects and I have always turned them away for many reasons. But the one key reason is that all of them didn’t understand why things cost so much, and that lack of understanding of the real world comes from working in a state job. In a state job things just show up, heat, electricity, the building they are in, paper pens, coffee the coffee pot… In the real world adults actually pay for all that stuff with our hard work. So when you take on a client like this it will always be a semi hostile or passive aggressive relationship because they actually don’t understand why they should pay you when everything they have has been given to them for free…They actually think that you are taking advantage of them rather than the other way around which is typical of scam artists. So really just try and avoid a passive aggressive business relationship it will never work out. In the real world there are so many people to work with that you really want to work with people who respect you and are willing to pay you a fair wage.



Taker noun : One who is always taking from others, similar to a mooch or chiseler. In most cases takers aren't stealing, they are just taking advantage of the hospitality of others without reciprocating or saying thanks. #steal #chiseler #thief #grifter As Defined by Urban Dictionary

Taker noun: a person who takes a specific thing