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When writing content for a website you need to understand who or what you are writing for.

When you call a perspective client and you think that you know more than they do, is the biggest mistake that you can make in Business.

Yep, its Monday and I have to laugh. Just to put things in context I am an internet of things expert I have been on the internet since the mid-1990’s and and in business since the 1980s. Today I was contacted by someone who “found” my website on the internet, Ill state that again “found” my website on the internet. To my surprise rather than being a customer who needed my help as an expert in the internet age, she went on to explain to me that “she could help me” place higher in search engines (SEO) by using “PROPER” writing techniques.

Yep it was lesson time, you can bet I asked what she exactly she meant and drilled down a bit. What she was actually referring to was my lack of proper “AMERICAN ENGLISH” writing techniques and the fact that I “CAPITALIZE” a lot on the website, and what is worse there was a (one) misspelled word.

Laughing loudly (which is rude by the way) I asked if I stopped capitalizing, and then started using proper English and fixing that one misspelled word would that help in SEO? There was silence because she did not know. But she did recover by rambling on about her education and the writing classes she took in college and that she was an English minor (everyone in America is an English minor) etc…. (me laughing like a madman inside), silence………………

I took a DEEP breath and I tried to not only compose myself but control what I was actually going to say in place of what I really wanted to say (which I am sure would have made her question life itself). After I calmed myself and understood her lack of experience and understanding of how to write properly for the circumstance, yes circumstantial writing it’s a thing. I was able to get these final words out before it was time to cut our conversation off.

“It seems that because of my lack of proper English and improper writing techniques that you know who I am and because of your educated and proper writing techniques I have no idea who you are, and that is SEO at its finest!”

HINT TO THE CALLER: Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. In natural language, the readability of text depends on its content and its presentation. As represented on WIKI

How to make this business contact the right way.

Simple is best, if you get that introduction, just explain how you can do your small part to help goes a long way.

  1. Pointing out what you think are mistakes will immediately put the person off.

  2. Understand why you are on that side of the table.

  3. Be nice

  4. Explain that you would like to help and can free them up to focus on other things that the company needs.

  5. Self deprecating humor always works for everything

  6. You are not the smartest person in the room “clearly” if you do not know that already, you do now .