You will learn but not limited to:

  • Email Scams, Internet Scams

  • On Line Dating Scams, Love Scams

  • Lawyer Scams, who watches your lawyer while he helps himself to your money.

  • Why you should NEVER give out your cell phone number.

    Cell phone setup, operation and answering techniques.

  • Cell Phone Masking: How to mask your real number. This is important so you never give out your real number.

  • Basic computer, laptop or pad operations

  • How to create complex easy to remember passwords

  • What information to give out over the phone and in person

  • Email setup on your cell phone and on your computer (how to use a mail client)

  • Setup multiple emails , one for junk, one for important stuff like banking and one for family.

  • What emails to answer and how to answer them. What links on an email to click. How to check links before you click them.

  • Downloading images and movie files

  • What not to click in an emails

  • Internet Usage and how to browse the internet

  • Internet Safety

  • How to setup your Facebook account what not to add an what to add. How to add fake information on your Facebook account.

  • Social Media Scams and Shams

  • Person to Person safety

  • Setup Alexa and other tech devices


  1. Do not give out your cell phone number to random people. Your cell phone is with you all the time the only people should have that number are people you want to be with, and of course your Doctor etc. .

  2. Never give your cell phone to a store clerk. This happened to me a Sears my response was sure if you can give me your personal cell phone, as you can imagine he would not give me his cell phone number.

  3. If someone in perceived authority asks for your cell phone number do not give it out unless they give you their home number,,see how that works…

  4. If you have a land line use an answering machine and screen all your calls.

  5. Do not pick up your land line ever let the answering machine answer all your calls.

  6. Do not give anyone anything ever.

  7. If anyone who is not your family asks for personal information JUST SAY NO!