There are many different types of websites and below are just a few. But all website creation have many things in common: Web design needs many different skills and disciplines to be effective. Some of the the different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design, including coding and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization, among many other disciplines.

Product Based Websites:

HeroBuilders1 LARGE.jpg


HeroBuilders® is a product based company specializing in Custom Action Figures and Political Action Figures Made in the USA. The name HeroBuilders is also the Brand and is descriptive of the business but can be a good brand for other businesses. The website is HTML5, mobile first, AMP enabled with content management system, integrated separate digital shopping.


Black Star Ops

Black Star Ops is a product based company that created the first covert clothing company, made by our suppliers to our specifications. HTML3, integrated separate digital shopping

Custom Easy Button.png


CustomEasyButton® is a product based company that created the Custom Recordable Easy Button, made by our suppliers to our specifications. Custom Easy Button is an example of a Company Name that is the Brand and the product itself. Custom Easy Button does not feature a logo the website is HTML5, CSS, integrated separate digital shopping

Service Based Websites


Be Big Be Brave

Be Big Be Brave founded by Laura Bagnarol, a mom and social worker who wanted more for her own daughter. From day 1 we have been involved in this firm from the initial idea to the success it has become today. The logo to the left is a mash of 2 logos, the top Be Big Be Brave is the Company name and Brave Project and logo is a program within the company.

Informational Websites


Weapon Builder

WeaponBuilder is an example of a simple HTML 3 informational website, after receiving a Patent for a new weapon manufacturing process we published to this site.

Handmade or Craft Based Websites


ToyBuilders is an example of a Handmade business that was not only a craft or handmade business but actually ushered in the 3D Printing industry and introduced 3D Design, 3D printing and 3D manufacturing it to the masses. Here is an awesome mention in Popular Science in 2001. This website is mobile first HTML5 with content management system.


Don Cray

The Arch Humidor

Don Cray is an example of a wonder hand made product called The Arch Humidor the most beautiful Humidor ever made. But more importantly is the entire idea of Don Cray, the website marketing and SEO. This website is fast loading HTML5 mobile first.